• The Best Way to Enjoy Taipei

    Taipei is the central city of Taiwan. This is a cultured town that has no limits when it comes to enjoyment and recreation. You can try standing on the roof deck of the Taipei 101 building to see everything around or you can visit its streets and enjoy their street food markets and go shopping up to the wee hours of the morning. Everything is fun and adventurous. Touring the city is something common which every tourist will try. But if you are more interested in tasting the local flavors with the street food night market and do some homegrown activities, then you can try doing these overwhelming stuff.


    By visiting the hot springs, you can prick the bubbles using your nail. Don't be confused. They have the best natural hot springs on earth. All you have to do is to dive into the hot foaming spring that has mud pots and play with the bubbles to avail of the healthy and soothing baths. If you want something private, you can book at a hotel in Taipei that has a private Jacuzzi pool amenity.


    You can imprint your palm on their pristine beach sands.


    Taiwan locals never wish to lay on the beach naked under the sand. But tourist love to do this otherwise. They bath under the sun to get tanned perfectly as possible. There are partying in beach clubs, Frisbee and volleyball playing, and more. Most of the young couples are seen enjoying walking barefooted on the beaches as the sunsets from the South China Sea majestically. Fresh sea foods are available and their culinary geniuses can come up with a dish that you have never tasted all your life. You can go catch and cook yourself as well.


    Experience the solemnity of temples by lighting up the Incenses. There are dozens of temples in Taipei. You can light up an incense to pray hoping for any wish of yours to come true. There are some temples that have a fortune stick that reveals your future and some even have a lengthy vertical pole planted on the floor. You can lift those poles three times to make your wish come to reality. Natives do believe in that, so why not try this if you wish to tour like how locals do.


    Experience Eating like a Taiwanese Resident


    There are plenty of options to where and what to eat, starting from the restaurant dining, buffet, up to the street dining. But most Taipei residents love eating at the street markets. With performances and awe-inspiring cooking methods that display their skills in front of your, appetizing flavors and heavenly taste of the Taiwanese dishes will make you just dig in the platter and devour the food in a matter of time.


    Stroll on the City's Landscape


    Instead of hiring a cab or riding a public transportation, it is better to tour the attractions by foot. You can see several beautiful panoramic views that you can do your selfies on and enjoy capturing your pictures with the locals and the sceneries.


    At taipeieats.com, you can book your tour trip that will provide you with the experience of the culture of the orients. Book one now for your new adventure!


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